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Will A Financial Aid Option Benefit You?

Will A Financial Aid Option Benefit You?

Have you been interested in a career in Biolaboratory? Are you interested in earning a National Certification for Phlebotomy? What has held you back? Is it the time it takes? Doubtful, as our Fast Track Lab Tech/ Phlebotomy Training Program is only 48 Total Clock Hours ie. 3-6 weeks depending on the schedule selected. Is it the inconvenience of trying to fit it into your busy lifestyle? Doubtful as Berry Best Phlebotomy Training offers Convenient Schedules to fit nearly any busy lifestyle. Is it that Lab Techs/ Phlebotomists are not employable? *Doubtful as the “median salary for a Phlebotomist is currently 38,000 with the need for Phlebotomists increasing at a rate of 22% a rate much faster than average).

What is the reason for your reluctance?

Well, if you’re like so many Americans feeling the financial strain of our current economy, chances are, an extra $2000+ is a stretch right now. While it is true that a full time Phleb would make that back in less than a month, having it at the moment out of packet is a real challenge.

What’s the Solution?

Berry Best Phlebotomy Training, LLC is proud to announce that we will soon be offering an excellent Financial Aid option! We are teaming up with Meritize Funding to help our students pay for their classes with No Upfront Costs to them!

Meritize will pay for your Program Costs up front and you will make reasonable monthly payments to Meritize. Meritize looks at more than just your credit. They use Merit (hence their name) ie. HS Diploma, GED, Prior Military or Healthcare Service, etc when considering your funding application. They also have a Grace Period before repayment begins allowing students to graduate and begin working in their field making income before they begin making payments!

Bottom Line.

Many Prospective Students are interested in entering into the Biolaboratory Field via a position as a Lab Tech/ Phlebotomist by enrolling in Phlebotomy Training near Me but lack the UpFront Funds to cover their Program Costs. Berry Best is teaming up with Meritize to alleviate that issue. Details coming within the next week!

*Please see our Previous Blog “Is A Trade Education the Better Option For You?”

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