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What’s new with Berry Best?

Updated: May 23

It’s been an exciting last couple of quarters here at Berry Best and we are proud to let you all in on our latest achievements and developments! From new Externship opportunities to Collaborations to assist Prospective Students with program funding and new Insurance Network Acceptance for our Independent Clinical Lab, Sister Company BBMLS, here are some of the fantastic updates from Berry Best Phlebotomy Training, LLC. (BBPTLLC).

Education Engagement Partnership Agreement with PCOS

We are pleased to announce that BBPTLLC has collaborated with Pima County One Stop and entered into an Education Engagement Program Agreement. Not only is our Fast Track Lab Tech/ Phlebotomy Training Program included on the state’s Eligible Training Provider List but we are personally partnered with PCOS enabling qualifying residents of Pima County to apply for training vouchers that completely cover our program’s cost. In addition, PCOS provides additional resources on an as needed basis for clients such as providing laptops for students, resume classes, and technology classes to assist with job searching and employability following graduation from our program and certification! Email our Education Coordinator, Kelly Ellsberry @ for a Client Intake referral today!

Clinical Rotations with CCL and TMC

BBPTLLC students now perform their Externships/ Clinical Rotations with Central Clinical Labs (CCL) and Tucson Medical Center (TMC). TMC and CCL hire directly from our graduates, particularly those who show proficiency and a desire to provide excellent patient laboratory care. We are delighted that these prominent healthcare organizations not only greatly contribute to the training and successful graduation of our students but also provide a pathway directly into gainful employment for many of them upon graduation and certification! Contact our Education Coordinator, Kelly Ellsberry @ for more information about our 5 star training program today!

What’s new with our Sister Company, BBMLS?

Our Sister Company, Berry Best Mobile Lab Services, LLC is a Nationally Recognized Independent Clinical Lab that provides lab services in a mobile capacity. Our phlebotomists come to your homes, Assisted Living/ Nursing Homes, Providers’ offices and places of work. Your busy life does not have to pause for necessary blood work. BBMLS is a premiere lab in the City of Tucson and we service all of Southern AZ. We are now credentialed with Medicare, AHCCCS (Medicaid), Indian Health Services and Allwell. We also have pending insurance network applications awaiting approval with 12 additional major insurance companies, including BCBS and UHC and we offer competitive rates for Self Pay Patients/ Clients. BBMLS is also the only lab in Arizona that is certified as an Onsite Serum Tears manufacturer meaning that we manufacture Serum Tears in the comfort of our patient’s home or at their Ophthalmologist's office. With the use of innovative technology, a once arduous and expensive manufacturing process that required Air Shipping back and forth has been simplified greatly, reducing cost for the patient while maintaining strict sterility and the highest quality. Contact us to schedule lab work for your patients or yourself today at 954-822-4722, or fax orders to 866-420-8579.

Bottom Line:

The late Dr Maya Angelou said “Surviving is Important. “Thriving is Elegant”. BBPTLLC & BBMLS would like to thank you, Arizona, for helping us thrive!

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