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Is A Trade Education the Better Option For You?

Is A Trade Education the Better Option For You?

What percentage of College Grads actually work in their Field of Study?

According to a 2019 Survey conducted by Next Gen Personal Financing, "In addition to dealing with financial insecurity, only 46% of college grads surveyed say they currently work in their field of study. 29% report working in a different field, while 16% of those under age 54 (and therefore not likely retired) say they are currently unemployed.

‘Respondents were very divided when it came to their prospects of finding a well-paying job in their field of study, ostensibly the goal of any college graduate. 22% say they are very hopeful they’ll attain a well-paying job in their field, 31% are somewhat hopeful, 26% are not very hopeful, and 21% are not at all hopeful."

What does this mean for American Workers?

With our Post Pandemic Economic Situation being what many may consider dire (according to Newsweek, inflation will cost each household $5200 extra this year), with an expected Recession on the horizon, it is important to make wise decisions concerning your future and increasing your earning potential for the least amount of upfront cost and as quickly as possible.

One thing that the pandemic has taught us all is that there will always be a need for competent, well Trained and Certified Healthcare Workers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for a Phlebotomist is about 38,000 and the need is increasing at a 22% rate, “a rate much faster than average”.

A Better Option?

Here at Berry Best Phlebotomy Training, LLC, we train you as a Lab Tech/ Phlebotomist within 48 Total Clock Hours and the total cost is $2155. You are registered to test for your National Certification immediately following completion of our program for no additional cost.

Many of our students complete our program and enter the field while attending a 2-4 year institution and more still choose our program and earn a trade career in lieu of a college education.


Considering the statistics of gainful employment enjoyed by college graduates, it would appear that a trade option would provide better opportunities more immediately and for a lower amount of money spent out of pocket for many. Berry Best Phlebotomy Training provides PHLEBOTOMY TRAINING NEAR ME locally in Tucson and can get you started in an Essential Career Field. Learn more at: or email us directly @ kellsberry1@berrybestlabtechtraining.

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