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What are the soft skills needed to become a trained phlebotomist?

If you think phlebotomy is just about learning the skill to draw blood, you are wrong. To become a talented phlebotomist, you need to master a combination of soft and hard skills and utilize them regularly. Hard skills can be taught, such as drawing blood which is mandatory for each phlebotomist. While soft skills are tougher to master, they can be accomplished with the right training with a focus on Practical Applications. Attributes such as being an excellent communicator or listener are among these skills. Book Online by searching for the best phlebotomy schools near me to get started today.

Mastering the Soft Skills: One-Step at a Time

Here are the top skills and qualities you need to master while training at your nearest phlebotomy school.


While drawing blood is a daily routine for all phlebotomists, not every patient likes their blood to be drawn. They may be frightened and respond by crying and/or shouting at the top of their lungs. By showing compassion to the patient and empathy for their apprehension, you can ease the patient’s anxiety and earn their trust. Doing so helps you draw blood with ease while the patient is completely calm and appreciative of your demeanor..

Remember, a bit of kindness can help ease patients that are nervous or uncomfortable at the sight of blood. Compassion would surely be an excellent and useful attribute as you register for the best phlebotomy classes near me.

2-Communication Skills:

Healthcare employers look for staff that can communicate in an effective manner. When working in the healthcare industry, you need to have excellent communication skills. You must be able to fully explain procedures to patients in a manner in which they can understand while ensuring that they feel heard and respected. When you listen to your patient’s concerns carefully, you can ensure that proper care is delivered and that your job is done professionally.

Make sure you ask the required questions and converse in an effective manner to understand things that may concern your patients. This will help enable you to deliver the services that you learned from the best phlebotomy training near me in an efficient and professional manner.

3-Positive Approach:

As stated earlier, not everyone is tolerable of the sight of their blood is drawn. Many experience anxiety-induced complications which can include fainting. Greeting your patients with a smile, ready to hear any concerns and/ or past complications, and accommodating accordingly, can greatly reduce the likelihood of a negative reaction to any ordered procedures. Also, when you report to work with a smile & a pleasant attitude, you will find that the day goes by more pleasantly; the relationships with your patients, coworkers, & leadership are much more pleasant when approaching situations with the positive, glass-half-full approach.

A positive approach helps you handle frightened patients with ease and radiates the same positive energy onto your co-workers. So, the next time you search for the best phlebotomy training near me, be prepared to be taught to utilize a positive approach.

4-Handle Pressure:

Although the best phlebotomy schools near me will train you to collect specimens in a professional manner, you will see that at times, certain collections can be stressful situations. For example, if you are to draw blood from a small child accompanied by his/her parents, you might feel some added pressure to get the job done quickly and error-free causing as little pain as possible.

Healthcare settings can also be very fast-paced. For example, in cases of emergency, hospital protocol and leaders require you to perform with optimum efficiency while being quick in what you do. Some patients might need an immediate response if they are suffering from life-threatening conditions as even a minute’s delay can be a deciding factor between life and death.

5-Top-Notch Observational Skills:

As a lab technician/phlebotomist, it is important that you practice good observational skills as you draw blood/ collect, and/or process specimens. It is imperative that you ensure that you collect the patient’s blood in the correct tube(s) in the correct order and you must exercise situational awareness. Your patient may say that they are fine with having their blood drawn but due to fasting or dehydration may begin to feel weak during the procedure or even faint. As a trained phlebotomist, you need to be aware and watch out for any signs that suggest your patient isn’t feeling well or is about to experience a complication.

Ensure that your patient is in his/her best condition during the blood draw procedure. Such observational skills are taught as part of the program offered by the best phlebotomy training near me.

6-Team Player:

Diagnostic labs, blood banks, & hospitals are packed with medical professionals that are skilled with years of experience at what they do. Each professional plays a vital role in the well-being of the patients that are treated at the hospital. A phlebotomist is always an important part of the healthcare professional team. This means you need to get along well with the professionals that you work with, remembering that you all share a common goal, the best medical outcomes for your patients.


So, the next time you look for the best phlebotomy schools near me, be sure that you are prepared to learn these soft skills while solidifying your base skills. When you combine your hard skills and soft skills with legit certification, you can be a member of the best healthcare institutes as a reputable phlebotomist. Be a team player, and your skillset would surely be appreciated by your colleagues and patients alike.

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