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Bringing Lab Services Right To Your Doorstep

Major News!

We are pleased to announce that along with providing Phlebotomy Training Near Me, our Parent Company, formerly known as Kelly's Mobile Medical Services, LLC. is now registered as the National Provider, Berry Best Mobile Lab Services, LLC!


What This All Means!

We are an Independent Clinical Laboratory that operates mobilely! We perform specimen collections, including Blood Draws, Urine Pickups, and CLIA Waived Testing wherever you or your patients are!

Humble Beginnings!

While our Founder, Kelly Ellsberry started this service over 5 years ago successfully operating as an Independent Contractor, she has now expanded it, giving it a new name reflecting the growth and collaboration with our Academy, registering with an NPI, Certifying with CLIA/ Center for Medicare Services, and Credentialing/ Joining the networks of many Major insurance companies allowing our services to be covered for you with little to no Co Pay. We are also COLA Accredited, AZ BBB Accredited with an A+ Rating and Registered with the Pima County Council on Aging.

How It Works!

Simply provide our information to your physician(s) who can reach out to our Lab Director @ or 954-822-4722 and arrange to securely send us your order. Your order is then assigned to a Mobile Phlebotomist who calls you to schedule your draw according to your convenience, usually for the same or next day following receipt of your order. If you have a kit that needs to be drawn or a paper order, you can contact us directly with the information provided to schedule your draw. One of our skilled and friendly phlebotomists then comes to complete your order. It's as simple as that!

Bottom Line!

As expensive as fuel prices are and with Covid still being among us, it is wise to save yourself the trip for services that you can receive in the comfort of your home. Let Berry Best Mobile Lab Services take care of your Laboratory needs!


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